Verve4growth delivers SME business transformation through a 4 step approach to growth, change and improvement

Verve4growth provides an independent resource to help Owners, Investors and Managers deliver business transformation. 

Our 4 Step approach takes a fresh look at every business element and focuses on growth in sales, cash, EBITDA and profit. The four key elements of sustainable value creation.

  1. clear-eyed assessment: a frank assessment reviewing the business's financial, commercial, operational and strategic health to identify root causes of under-performance and opportunities for growth and profitability

  2. energise for action: re-focusing the management team on what contributes to sales, cash, EBITDA and profit. In particular on employee engagement, customer satisfaction and implementing "easy win" opportunities 

  3. outline business plan: ensuring the growth trajectory by developing a robust business plan that the management team buys into. Setting the growth targets, resource requirements, timing of key events and funding needs

  4. score the goals: ensuring the whole team is focused and motivated to put the plan into action to deliver results

Individual Steps are stages on a journey, with opportunity to consolidate and reflect before further action. They help guide discussion to select the best approach for your business need.

And the Steps blog puts forward articles to help SME Owners, Investors and Managers better understand the growth, change and improvement agenda.

The key objective is to energise Owners, Managers and Employees to deliver growth.