2 energise for action

focus on sales, cash, EBITDA and profit

round 2

As the review progresses, opportunities for “easy win” improvement actions will be found. Implementing some of these will give energy, focus and drive to the business change agenda

Today a firm’s service level must match or exceed its customer’s expectations. So if today’s performance is not meeting those expectations, a profound and radical step change across all areas of the business may be required to get the growth agenda back on track.

The second step refocuses the management team on what contributes to sales, cash, EBITDA and profit. In particular on employee engagement, customer satisfaction and implementing "easy wins" to energise the organisation for action:

  • communicating assessment findings to reporting management teams
  • changing the pace: breaking down the walls and looking for opportunities to do things differently
  • focusing on engagement of employees at all levels to implement their "easy win" ideas
  • targeting improvements in operational performance particularly key customer satisfaction metrics
  • focusing on sales growth, cash generation and working capital release

These actions are designed to improve the business's short term performance and to get everyone energised to deliver the transformation agenda.

On a recent project it became clear during the clear-eyed assessment phase that a key project was running late with escalating costs. A change in Project Leadership and the introduction of some visual management charts with daily team meetings to review progress and actions needed to recover soon got the whole company energised for action and the project back on track.

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