4 score the goals

delivering the plan

round 4

Putting the plan into action is what delivers results. Whatever route you choose, it is your energy, resources and execution that will determine success. This is about teams working together to deliver the new business goal

Once the plan is agreed the task is to get everyone in the business engaged, aligned and motivated to deliver the new goals: 

  • establishing a core team to share the "roll out" and lead the company through the transformation program
  • resetting performance expectations
  • empowering management, teams and operators to improve every aspect of their performance
  • communicating the new vision to ensure all aspects of the business are aligned with the new strategy
  • setting time bound goals, using milestones to keep momentum and focus
  • resolving¬†any areas of weakness: people, process, customers, products
  • negotiating with existing and potential funding partners
  • initiating any M&A, JV or technology licensing activity

Appropriate key performance indicators (KPIs) will be agreed with Owners and Managers to ensure all the key building blocks stay on track to sustain the growth, change and improvement of the business.

Once the new vision and outline business plan was agreed the final step was to score the goals! We created a more focused After-sales and Service team, used the reduced loading on the assembly shop to carry out some much needed 5S improvements and supported the sales team with its targeting of new project opportunities. The business still has challenges but under new leadership, an internal promotion, is in a better place driving forward.

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