Ian quickly realised that regaining the confidence of independent distributors was the key to sales growth and improved profit performance. He supported the regional sales teams with local distributor meetings and won back their support for the new business plan.
international instrumentation


The business had been through a painful change of ownership resulting in senior management leaving. It was suffering from a loss of direction and control as the new Fortune 500 owners professionalised the business.

Actions and results

  • Drove sales growth, following a legacy of problematic product launches and de-motivated distributors
  • Defined a sales strategy for restructure of the sales organisation, saving $1m costs and boosting sales
  • Restructured the UK service centre operation, delivering an improved turnaround time of over 50%
  • Resolved a backlog of outstanding technical issues with major telecoms client, winning $1.3m new orders
  • Delivered a dramatic turnaround in sales (+17%) and company fortunes, restoring the business to profitability