clear eyed assessment

focus on financial, commercial, operational and strategic health

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energise for action

focus on short term performance improvements

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outline business plan

focus on the growth trajectory

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score the goals

focus on delivering the plan

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An energetic and experienced transformation leader with a proven approach to business growth, change and improvement

A 4 step approach to successful business transformation

1. clear-eyed assessment

Undertaking a frank review of the current status and outlook at every level of the business. The fresh perspective of someone new to the business means discussions are more honest and more constructive.

2. energise for action

Identifying quick wins through careful review of the evidence. Leading from the front, I will put these opportunities into action to give focus and drive to the change agenda and energise the business from top to bottom.

3. outline business plan

Looking to the future and identifying business goals and objectives. To ensure a strong growth trajectory, I will develop a robust business plan that shows the timing of key events and the scale of any funding needed.

4. score the goals

Putting the plan into action and delivering the new business goals. The key to success is in the new attitude and revitalised energy of your business and its teams. The future is once again in your hands.
Ian Parker

A proven transformation leader

I am a commercially orientated interim managing director and chief executive who works with businesses under corporate, family, MBO and private equity ownership. My forte is industrial/engineering, manufacturing and related services SME businesses that are based in the UK and have an international dimension.

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I appointed Ian to restructure and eventually close a loss making French company. Ian completed this challenging project on time, considerably under cost budget, maintained the support of the workforce and did not disrupt customer build programs.

Division Chief Executive, UK plc

Ian has proved to be a transformational leader, and leaves us with a business that is stronger, simpler and more resilient

Division President, Russell 2000 company (NYSE)

Ian took control of a difficult situation. He quickly gained the trust and respect of the rest of the team and took the decisions which others had avoided. He kept us fully informed and set the business on a good strategic course before we sold it.

Managing Partner, PE fund

A critical requirement for our business when Ian joined was to improve stakeholder management, most notably our bank. This situation became even more critical once the impact of the COVID-19 crisis began to emerge. Without the exemplary stewardship and guidance of Ian I do not believe we would have been successful in gaining full support of our bank through the covid crisis or have been successful in gaining the investment from SCF Partners.

Founder and CEO, private family business

Ian stepped in at a difficult time and quickly brought order and control. He immediately engaged with the board and the management team and gave the Company’s bank the reassurance that was needed. His pragmatic approach meant the family had clear visibility of the options available allowing us to make informed and considered decisions. He provided valuable support to the board and family through a sale process which was challenging and protracted while ensuring the support of the bank was maintained. Ian was instrumental in the family achieving the right outcome.

Chair, private family business

I found Ian a communicative and informed leader, who worked very hard to find a solution, but was faced with a number insurmountable issues generated by the economy and the sales position of a number of the manufacturers that Birkby’s supplied. Unfortunately there was no solvent solution as an independent company and no trade buyer came forward at a cost acceptable to the customer group.

Director, Client OEM

Ian quickly realised that regaining the confidence of independent distributors was the key to sales growth and improved profit performance. He supported the regional sales teams with local distributor meetings and won back their support for the new business plan.

Group President, Fortune 500

Ian put his soul into changing the long-ingrained company culture. He put the customer at the heart of the organisation and through lean led tremendous improvements in quality, availability and service.

President, sister USA company
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Case Histories

Resolving future of family manufacturing business

Business: Private manufacturer of professional hygiene wipe products for healthcare and HORECA industries

Size: £20m, UK plant, 75 employees


Restoring banking relationship and finding an investment partner

Business: Private manufacturer of behind the meter battery energy storage systems for industrial and critical healthcare facilities

Size: £16m; 2 UK plants; 74 employees


Growth and simplification

Business: aluminium gas cylinder manufacturer

Size: £60m, two plants (one UK and one France), 400 employees