Putting the plan into action and delivering the new business goals. The key to success is in the new attitude and revitalised energy of your business and its teams. The future is once again in your hands.

Once there’s a plan in place it’s time to put it into action. To do this, everyone in the business needs to be engaged, aligned and motivated to deliver the new goals.

My role in this step is to create the right environment to do this. I will be:

  • establishing a core team to share the “roll out” and lead the company through the transformation programme
  • resetting performance expectations
  • empowering management, teams and operators to improve every aspect of their performance
  • communicating the new vision to ensure all aspects of the business are aligned with the new strategy
  • setting time bound goals, using milestones to keep momentum and focus
  • resolving any areas of weakness: people, process, customers, products
  • maintaining stakeholder relationships through regular updates
  • initiating any M&A, JV or technology licensing activity

Before I step away from the business and complete the assignment, I will also agree appropriate KPIs (key performance indicators) with the business’s owners and managers. This ensures the measures are in place to continue the growth, change and improvement of the business.

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