Undertaking a frank review of the current status and outlook at every level of the business. The fresh perspective of someone new to the business means discussions are more honest and more constructive.

This is an open review and has at its core a determination to get all the good and bad news on the table. I will meet with all heads of function, their reporting managers and their team members.

My objective is to get a rapid understanding of all the issues, gaps, opportunities and challenges the business is facing. More importantly, it is to identify the potential for growth, change and improvement.

The questions I will be seeking to answer are:

  • What is our status? An assessment of the firm’s current business condition in terms of its financial, commercial, operational and strategic performance
  • What are the desired outcomes? An assessment of the objectives and goals of the business
  • What resources do we have? An assessment of the human and tangible assets deployed in the business
  • What resources do we need? An assessment of the gaps in skills, capabilities and funding that need addressing to enable the business to achieve its desired outcome
  • What are the options available? An assessment of the strategy choices that will enable the business to achieve its objectives. Fundamentally, is there a pathway to success?

By the end of the review, I will understand the key issues. I will also have identified the people who are willing to lead and who are “up for” change. From there, we can move to Step 2.

Start the process

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