1. clear-eyed assessment

Undertaking a frank review of the current status and outlook at every level of the business. The fresh perspective of someone new to the business means discussions are more honest and more constructive.

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2. energise for action

Identifying quick wins through careful review of the evidence. Leading from the front, I will put these opportunities into action to give focus and drive to the change agenda and energise the business from top to bottom.

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3. outline business plan

Looking to the future and identifying business goals and objectives. To ensure a strong growth trajectory, I will develop a robust business plan that shows the timing of key events and the scale of any funding needed.

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4. score the goals

Putting the plan into action and delivering the new business goals. The key to success is in the new attitude and revitalised energy of your business and its teams. The future is once again in your hands.

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This 4 step approach takes a fresh look at every business element and focuses on the four key elements of sustainable value creation: sales, cash, EBITDA and profit. Each step is a stage on a journey, with opportunity to consolidate and reflect before further action. They help guide discussion to select the best approach for your business and your situation.

Throughout the process my role is to engage with the people at every level of your business to:

  • ensure engagement of employees and their alignment with the new business goals
  • drive step change in commercial and operational performance to ensure high levels of customer satisfaction
  • restructure finances, sites, operations and services to meet the requirements of the new business condition.

And, above all, to energise everyone to deliver growth.

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