Verve4growth works with SME Owners, Managers and Investors to drive business value through a 4 Step approach to business transformation

Verve4growth provides an independent resource to help Owners, Managers and Investors deliver business transformation.

Recognising the need to change is key. But determining what to do and how to deliver sustainable growth can be one of the most difficult challenges Managers face.

Fundamentally, no-one likes change; particularly as change almost always means disruption and learning new ways of doing things. And frequently today, it means doing more with less.

Embarking on a business transformation program should force Owners, Managers and Investors to take a step back and look at the business with fresh perspective. Frequently this is best achieved by engaging an outsider to lead the transformation process.

Verve4growth works with the Owners, Managers and Investors to:

  • determine the business status and set out the transformation plan
  • ensure engagement of employees and their alignment with the new business goals
  • drive step change in commercial and operational performance to ensure high levels of customer satisfaction
  • restructure finances, sites, operations and services to meet the requirements of the new business condition

Our 4 Step approach takes a fresh look at every business element and focuses on growth in sales, cash, EBITDA and profit. The four key elements of sustainable value creation.

The key objective is to energise Owners, Managers and Employees to deliver growth.