MBO component supply

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MBO component supply

Tier 1 automotive plastic trim component supply, one plant, £40m, 340 employees, 20% export

Led MBO completing deal within 4 months securing bank & OEM support. Implemented MBO plan retaining existing OEM clients, forming a JV in Turkey and securing technology agreements with supply partners in Japan. Drove business development with automotive OEMs (Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Ford, JLR & BMW). Delivered new business in niche industrial sectors and industrial packaging. Rapidly restructured following the Lehman collapse, reducing headcount by 48% (240+ employees). Led the business through a dramatic reduction in OEM demand and 2011 disaster related slowdowns at Honda & Toyota.

Director, Manufacturing, Purchasing and Logistics Operations, Client OEM

"I found Ian a communicative and informed leader, who worked very hard to find a solution, but was faced with a number insurmountable issues generated by the economy and the sales position of a number of the manufacturers that Birkby's supplied. Unfortunately there was no solvent solution as an independent company and no trade buyer came forward at a cost acceptable to the customer group."